De Cecco Rigatoni Neapolitan 500 Article

De Cecco Rigatoni Neapolitan 500 gr The Regional Specialities: the flavors of Italy in your kitchen. With the Regional Specialities, De Cecco takes you to the discovery of pasta shapes typical of traditions and regional cuisines Italian, united to the unmistakable quality of genius De Cecco. They have a diameter of approximately 20.5 mm and an average length of 50,5 mm and thickness between 1,15 and 1,25 mm. I rigatoni Napoletana, originating in Campania go well with succulent meat sauce and a rich tomato-based sauces. Excellent for pies in the oven, Rigatoni with meat sauce go well with succulent meats and rich sauces based on tomatoes. Available in packs ...

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