Bortolotti Chardonnay Brut 75cl

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Bortolotti – Brut 75cl

Quality Sparkling Wine

Geographic Location

Area of ​​the Municipality of Trent identifiable subarea ofVillazzano for Gewürztraminer and Rolling pin per lo Chardonnay.

Organoleptic characteristics

Today welcomes the view with a straw yellow color and a load just fine perlage and constant. Donate intense and hot as the personality of the Traminer varietal tropical fruit and citrus prevail over the floral notes attributable to Chardonnay. The aromatic notes taken at the nose continues and develops on the palate, spreading in breadth and depth. The taste is dry and gives a satisfying elegance to markedly fruity.


Vendita online dello Spumante Bortolotti Brut 75cl.



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Nome Brand
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Bortolotti Traminer - Gross
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