Mouton Rothschild 1961

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This estate , until the mid-eighteenth century was a part of Château Lafite despite wines were marketed separately by the same owners, i Segur.
The real division between the property happened at the beginning of the nineteenth century with the sale of land of the estate of the family of De Mouton Branes.
In quel periodo il Baron Hector De Branes ebbe il merito di introdurre come vitigno prevalente il Cabernet-Sauvignon contribuendo ad elevare notevolmente la qualità dei vini prodotti.
Later the property passed into the hands of Isaac Thuret professional banker, who, because of his lack of interest in this type of activity, He dropped back to the level of the wines produced in the historic Deuxieme Cru classification 1855.
In 1853, il Barone Nathaniel de Rothschild, member of the English branch of this powerful family purchased the property of Chateau Brane-Mouton which changed its name to Chateau Mouton Rothschild.
It was in 1920 che il Barone Henry De Rothschild affidò al figlio Philippe la gestione dell’azienda. Although very young, Philippe showed even then a lot of interest and attachment to the fate of Chateau Mouton Rothschild.
In 1922, il Barone Philippe de Rothschild, ammaliato dalla bellezza della proprietà e del territorio circostante , He decided to carry out the work of his life.
Two years after, in 1924, He began an unusual practice until then, bottling integral ownership, thus escaping the overwhelming power of the wine dealers.
In 1926 He commissioned and built by architect Charles Siclis, specializing in the design and construction of theaters, la celeberrima Grand Chai, the Grande Cantina, extremely fascinating place where the Baron began to welcome its guests.
The 1947 He marked a great milestone for the Baron Philippe, it was the year in which he managed to complete the purchase of all shares of the company belonging, until then, to his family.
In 1945, year of Liberation, to commemorate this event, Baron had the idea to crown the label of this vintage with a big V in victory. Is this the beginning of an exciting and sophisticated collection of original artwork commissioned from year to year to a famous painter from the likes of Miro, Chagall, Braque, Picasso, Warhol, Delvaux, Bacon, Motherwell, and still others.
In 1973, after a lengthy standoff, Baron Philippe is the revision of the classification which dated 1855, e Mouton Rothschild, then deuxième cru, accede ufficialmente e giustamente al rango di Premier Cru grazie ad un decreto firmato dall’allora ministro all’agricoltura Jacques Chirac.
In January 1988 Baron Edmond de Rothschild left the earthly life. Sarà sua figlia Philippine De Rothschild a prendere in mano le redini dell’azienda, now it becomes a veritable empire. Grazie alle sue indiscusse capacità e ad un’equipe ormai super collaudata diretta da Patrick Léon riuscirà certamente a mantenere alto il blasone aziendale se non addirittura a renderlo ancor più grande.
A little curiosity: con molta probabilità all’origine del nome Mouton c’è la parola Motte che in francese significa zolla.
Questo Cru beneficia di condizioni naturali eccezionali, the quality of the subsurface to exposure to sunlight. Fabulously rich, concentrated and deep, Mouton Rothschild enters deservedly become part of the legendary wines.

The 1961 He will be remembered for the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, for the death of Ernest Hemingway and the construction of the Berlin Wall.
The 1961 verrà ricordato in positivo anche per essere stata la più grande vendemmia del dopoguerra.
Thousandth exceptional characterized by a tiny production of extraordinary quality.
Contributing to this Spring frosts that reduced to less than half the grapes in the vineyard.
The next Summer sunny and hot gave birth to healthy grapes and in a perfect state of ripeness and concentration.
Mouton Rothschild quest’anno è senza ombra di dubbio un vino grandioso che esprime una quantità impressionante di profumi tra i quali spiccano il cedro, it blackcurrant, graphite and menthol literally overflowing from the glass.
The color is still absolutely intact, no hint of amber; whole still young, lively, very rich and extremely intense in the mouth.
Without fear of contradiction I think this wine can express the best of themselves for another fifty years and more (Autumn 2003).

Description of the bottle:

Tecnica mista di collaggio e vernici all’oro per quest’opera d’arte creata da Georges Mathieu nato nel 1921 and Parisian by adoption from 1947 who loved to call the initiator of lyrical.
Operates very special for her that her dynamism explosive traces perfectly the character of the author.
La bottiglia esaminata rasenta la perfezione nell’etichetta (this is the bottle No. 037869).
Il livello possiamo considerarlo assolutamente più che ottimo vista la non più giovane età dell’esemplare.
Museum piece!

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