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Peter 2014

A prodigious Petrus, this wine has that extra level of intensity and complexity that is monumental. The magic is clearly Petrus, and 2000 It will always be an interesting period compare to another legend in the making, 1998, the, more recently, naturally, the 2005, 2008, and 2009. extremely full-bodied, with great fruit purity, an unmistakable note of undergrowth, black truffle, intense black cherries, licorice, and mulberry, the wine seems to show no evidence whatsoever oak. It has a sumptuous, unctuous texture, a lot of tannin, but also the vitality and brightness. It is an extraordinary wine that seems a bit 'more structured and massive than the 1998, It is presented as a bit’ more without solution ...

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Tramin Gewürztraminer

The grapes come from vineyards that span adjacent hills to the mountains, at an altitude of between 300 e i 450 s.l.m., vinification The grapes are picked by hand and the whole placed in small containers that keep intact until his arrival in the cellar, ready for immediate soft pressing. The next wine is made in small stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures (21°C), without malolactic fermentation. From the typical sensory notes pinkish skin of its clusters, the wine takes an intense straw yellow color, characterized by golden hues. The wine is rich but balanced, silky in texture, Mineral and structured, with elegant and intense aroma of rose petals, clove and muscat, spices...

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€ 439.00

Rosè crystal 2007 with astuccio

In 1974, a hundred years after the creation of Cristal, Jean-Claude Rouzaud creates the cuvée Cristal Rosé selecting old Pinot Noir vines, situate sui migliori del territori Grand Cru Ay, now grown in biodynamic. Taking a delicious minerality unique chalky soil of this area, these grapes have the distinction of reaching, in great vintages, an extraordinary maturity combined with crystalline acidity. Elaborated with 55% about Pinot Noir and 45% Chardonnay, of which 20% are wines produced in oak casks, Cristal Rosé is produced by the method of bloodletting after a cold maceration. It is done on average age for 6 years in the cellar. The aromatic intensity is felt since the attack ...

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Chateau d'Yquem 75cl 07/13

FRANCE production Cellar CHATEAU D'YQUEM Region No Type Passito Effervescence Fermo name SAUTERNES CHATEAU D'YQUEM Varietal Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscadelle e Sauvignon Gris. Sweet sugar content 14% Flight. Combinations In addition to traditional approaches such as foie gras and blue cheeses, It blends wonderfully with seafood and shellfish and, in the same way, fabulous is the marriage with some fish, such as turbot and sea bass. Temperature and service chalice 6th – 8° C. Capacity 75 Cl. Besides conservation 100 age. Sensory notes: Color bright golden yellow. The nose is intense fragrance and purity unmatched. It perceives the classic fruit flavors (albiccoca, I get), and notes ...

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Volpaia 2015 75/150/300cl

BRIEF DESCRIPTION The vineyards of Volpaia, located between 350 e i 580 meters s.l.m., They are among the highest in the Chianti. Also why the Chianti Classico is recognized for its elegance and finesse, with a rich bouquet of red fruits and spices. Shipment...

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Salvioni Brunello di Montalcino 2012

Altitude of the vineyards Our vineyard is divided into three plots of different ages implantation ranging from the oldest age of about 25 years to the two most recent 15 and 10 age. The vineyards are situated at an altitude of about 420/440 meters above sea level are exposed to the south / east of the hill of Montalcino and are well ventilated with an excellent microclimate. Il Road é e galestroso, together with altitude, It makes hair soft and well balanced wines in acidity. Production per hectare Grape production per hectare of our vineyard is between the 25 e i 40 quintals per hectare with often significant differences from year to year due to trends ...

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Sottimano Langhe Nebbiolo 2015

TECHNICAL DATA Varietal: Nebbiolo Zone: Neive Subarea: Success of the Superficie: 3.7 he Bottles: 22.000 VINEYARD The Langhe Nebbiolo is produced from grapes from the Basarin cru, Neive, historic vineyard and considerable prestige. Your position, on the border between Neive and Treiso, and its high altitude gives the wine a particular spicy notes and licorice, as well as a great complexity and a remarkable structure. The young age of the vineyard, It planted fifteen years ago, yet it allows the grapes, and therefore the wine produced by them, to express the complexity of aromas and polyphenols that a cru of this importance can and must possess; for this reason...

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Yves Barbaresco Lai 2013

TECHNICAL DATA Varietal: Nebbiolo Zone: Neive Subarea: Curra area: 2.80 It has Exposure: South / West Age vine: 55 – 75 years Bottles: 2500 Trip: 40 Vineyard The vineyard Lai, as well as the vineyard Cottà, It is located in that part of the municipality of Neive which borders the territory of Barbaresco, with the difference, however, to be more "moved" to the first and, then, to bring the characters more marked "from Neive". All this results in a wine with great tannins and class, typical wine qualities of that side of Barbaresco, combined with fatness and richness of Neive, elegance and aromas, a greater degree of Cottà, the egregious it ...

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Sottimano Barbaresco pajorè 2014

TECHNICAL DATA Varietal: Nebbiolo. Zona: Comune di Treiso. Sottozona: Pajorè. Exposure: sud/ovest. Età vitigno: 50 – 60 – 70 age. Bottiglie prodotte: 5000. Trip: 35 IL VIGNETO Il vigneto Pajorè è situato nel comune di Treiso, distante alcuni chilometri dagli altri vigneti di proprietà. E’ parte del versante che da Barbaresco porta ad Alba; le caratteristiche del terreno, con un’alta percentuale di calcare, amplificate da rese bassissime e da un’eta’ media dei vigneti molto alta, (50+ age) sono assai diverse da quelle degli altri cru. VINIFICAZIONE E INVECCHIAMENTO Dopo una macerazione di circa 25 days, in cui la fermentazione alcolica avviene a temperatura controllata senza uso di lieviti selezionati, il vino viene travasato...

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Sottimano Barbaresco cottà 2014

TECHNICAL DATA Varietal: Nebbiolo. Zona: Comune di Neive. Sottozona: Cottà. Exposure: sud/ovest. Età vitigno: 50 – 60 – 70 age. Superficie: 2.80 has. Bottiglie prodotte: 4800. Trip: 40 IL VIGNETO Il vigneto Cottà è posizionato esattamente al confine tra i comuni di Neive e Barbaresco; le caratteristiche peculiari dei due comuni, dunque, si assommano e si fondono nel bicchiere all’assaggio. All’eleganza, accompagnata generalmente anche da una ottima ricchezza di corpo e di polifenoli tipica di quel versante del comune di Neive, si aggiunge la struttura “rigida”, dai tannini forti e longevi conferiti dai terreni a ridosso di Barbaresco. VINIFICAZIONE E INVECCHIAMENTO Dopo una macerazione di circa 25 days, in cui la fermentazione alcolica...

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Sardus Pater Lugore

LUGORE 2015 Vermentino di Sardegna DOC Termine in lingua sarda che simboleggia la notte primaverile con luna piena senza ventonotti nelle quali solitamente si effettuavano i trattamenti antioidici alla vite e lo zolfo usato per i trattamenti depositato nelle foglie diventava fosforescente e risplendeva alla luce della luna riflessa sul mare.   consegna...

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Sardus Pater Foras

FORAS 2013 Cannonau di Sardegna DOC In lingua sarda foras significa straniero, che proviene da fuori. Nell’isola di sant’antioco non si trovano uve della varieta cannonau e questo vino è prodotto con uvestraniereche provengono dai territori insulari della sardegna.       consegna...

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